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The best stapler in 2022

Even though we’re in the digital era, the best stapler remains a vital piece of equipment to add to the toolkit of any creative business. Whatever your discipline, it’s likely you’ll need to staple documents at some point, however much you think you’re working completely digitally. Think labels, messages, contracts and more.

All staplers are made differently, and we’re here to help you decide which are the best for you. Clearly, the best stapler is strong, reliable and durable. The last thing you want is a broken or jammed bit of kit. When picking our top choices for this list, we thought of all of this, which includes an array of price points and use cases. Our guide is based on the consistency of customer reviews. Need more advice? Scroll down to the bottom of the article to find useful tips to help.

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1. Swingline 747 Business Stapler

Our choice of the best stapler overall is the Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40-Sheet Stapler. While some compact staplers can only handle a few sheets of paper at a time, this tough cookie can staple at least a couple of dozen (it claims up to 40, but we think you’d have to be using very thin paper for that). This makes it very handy for anyone who needs to staple together a whole portfolio or proposal. Its no-Jam technology is designed to avoid those familiar frustrating jams you get with more flimsy staplers, and it opens 180 degrees for tacking or crafting use.

It’s smart and compact, taking up little room on a desk (it can stand vertically as well as horizontally), and it’s easy to carry around. A non-skid rubber base provides stability and protects your desk too. You can pick from a wide range of colours, including a bold metallic blue and purple, but there’s also standard black or white if you’re looking for a more sober look.

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